Start Neo4j by downloading the database of Hadoop generated by Arcan from this link ( or this link ) and extract the zip file to the local path (For example at c:\)

1 - Open Neo4j

For example on Windows: type neo4j in the start menu and select the Neo4j app

Start bar of Windows

2 - Select the database

Press the button choose and select the database folder

Neo4j opened

3 - Press the button **start** to run the Neo4j webapp

4 - Open the Neo4j webapp

Type in the browser: http://localhost:7474/browser/

Neo4j web app screenshot


Some query examples:

Star shaped cycle

Select the (n) cycleShape vertex with id 4571
  MATCH (n:cycleShape) WHERE id(n) = 4571 RETURN n

Query results

Star shaped cycle taken from Neo4j

Hub like instance

Select the (c) class NetUtils and return all (c2) classes linked with 'depenpendsOn' (r) edge
  MATCH (c:class)-[r:dependsOn]-(c2:class) WHERE = "" RETURN c,r,c2

Query results

Hub like instance taken from Neo4j

Unstable Dependency instance

Select the (n) smell vertex related to (p) package with a 'affectedPackage' link
  MATCH (n:smell)-[:UDAffectedPackage]-(p:package) WHERE = "org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce" RETURN n,p

Query results

Unstable Dependency instance taken from Neo4j