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 </​panel>​ </​panel>​
-<panel title="​4 - Be sure that ''​dbms.allow_format_migration'' ​is true and uncommented" ​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-menu-down">​+<panel title="​4 - Enable ​''​dbms.allow_format_migration''" ​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-menu-down">​
 <​code>​ <​code>​
Line 117: Line 117:
 <text size="​larger">''​cd path/​to/​db/''</​text>​ <text size="​larger">''​cd path/​to/​db/''</​text>​
 </​panel>​ </​panel>​
-<panel title="​6 - run /​path/​of/​neo4j/​bin/​neo4j ​console" ​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-menu-down">​+<panel title="​6 - Run Neo4j console" ​ icon="​glyphicon glyphicon-menu-down">​
 <text size="​larger">''/​path/​of/​neo4j/​bin/​neo4j console''</​text>​ <text size="​larger">''/​path/​of/​neo4j/​bin/​neo4j console''</​text>​
 </​panel>​ </​panel>​