RE4APM Program

9.00 Introduction to the RE4APM Working Session.
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9.15 Invited Talk : M. Kotani IBM Japan Industrial Sector Marketing Executive IT Applications Portfolio Management Under Implementation Uncertainty
M´╝ÄKotani, J. Iijima Graduate School of Decision Science and Technology
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Chair of the Working Session: M.Kotani
10.05 Lightweight Visualisations of COBOL Code for Supporting Migration to SOA Joris Van Geet and Serge Demeyer, University of Antwerp, Belgium.
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10.30 - 11.00 Coffee Break
11.00 A Repository based approach to Data Reverse Engineering C.Batini, G.Viscusi, D.Barone, University of Paris and University of Milano.
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11.25 How should we evaluate Thin Clients? - IT security investment appraisal and real options . Atsushi KATOH, College of Liberal Science, Kioto
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11.50 Using service oriented architecture to reuse legacy software M.Giordano, Reply
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12.15 Exploiting Application Portfolio Management Techniques to Support Reverse Engineering Activities, Stefano Maggioni, University of Milano Bicocca
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