Complex Networks

F.Arcelli, F.Formato and R.Pareschi.

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Reflecting Ontologies into Web Communities
F.Arcelli, F.Formato and R.Pareschi
Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Agents and Web Technology (IAWTIC’08)
Vienna, December, 2008
Eteronomy and Coevolution in Information system: Semantic Web as a Dynamic Network
F.Arcelli, F.Formato and R.Pareschi
Proceedings of Ethicomp 2008, The Tenth International Conference on the Social and Ethical Impacts of Information and Communication Technology – Living, Working And Learning Beyond Technology
Mantua, Italy, 2008
Eteronomy in the Semantic Web
R.Pareschi, F.Arcelli and F.Formato
Eteronomy in the Semantic Web, International Conference on Complex Networks in Biology and Engineering
Tel Aviv, October 2007

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