International and National Collaborations

  • Gran Sasso Advanced Research Institute, Catia Trubiani, Collaboration on Performance antipatterns detection, Impact of architectural smell refactoring on performance issues.
  • University of Pisa, Antonio Broggi, Jacopo Soldani, Collaboration on microservice smell detection.
  • Poznan University of Technology, Poland, Bartosz Walter: Collaboration on Code Smells Correlations.
  • University of Madrid, Rafa Capilla, Managing architectural debt in microservice projects
  •  University of Groningen, Holland, Paris Avgeriou, Darius Sas: Collaboration on Architectural Debt computation.
  •  University of Oslo, Norway: Antonio Martini, Collaboration on Architectural smells validation.

Some past collaborations

  • University of Macedonia, Greece,  Alexandros Chatzigeorgiou, Apostolos Ampatzoglou: Collaboration on Technical debt computation/tool support.
  •  University of Argentina, CUNICET, Andres Diaz, Antonela Tommasel: Collaboration on Interpreting Technical Debt Index through Architectural Smells.
  • Università di Salerno, Italy, Andrea De Lucia e Fabio Palomba: Collaboration on Code Smell analysis, bug prediction model.
  • University of Tampere, Finland: Davide Taibi, Valentina LenarduzziCollaboration on Micro service smells, Code and architectural smells correlations.
  • Department of Information Technology, Oslo, Norway, Aiko Yamashita: Collaboration o Code Smells Correlations.
  • University of New Zeland, Jens Dietrich: catalogue and classification of code smell false positive instances.
  • University of Bern, Switzerland, Andrea Caracciolo: Collaboration on DPB: Design Pattern Detection Benchmark platform.
  • Università del Molise, Italy, Rocco Oliveto: Collaboration on Code Smell analysis, bug prediction model.
  • University of Lugano, Switzerland, Vincenzo Ferme: Code Smell Detection, Correlation Analysis.